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  1. lindamay says:

    This is great. Hope to see more.

  2. elly says:

    lovely! this is going in my bookmarks

  3. mariam says:

    Love this! Nice feel to the images :) .

  4. Cap says:

    great stuff, will focus on more details in real life from now on!! looking forward to see more!

    All the best

  5. tawhid says:

    really nice…. :)

  6. Cechas says:

    you are nicely connecting two worlds ;] I am adding this to my inspirations page:

  7. DolcheFarNiente says:

    Nice Work !!! i post you in mi blog !!!

    have a nice day !!!

  8. Jan Schultink says:

    Beautiful, just posted about this on my blog about presentation design. Thank you.

  9. strangely beautiful things says:

    In hearts and arts, there’s strange, there’s beautiful and there’s strangely beautiful. Like your work. Congratulations.

  10. lowe says:

    I really love your works. They are simply fantastic!! I love those tiny lovely world you created in your work!

  11. Elyse Xu says:

    really cool works and look at them let me wondering if you can help people to draw their own photo. My friends will be so happy if they can have this as present.

  12. admin says:

    That all depends on what you mean by “help”. I would be happy to give you some tips and show you how i make my pictures.

  13. YUI says:

    Really really nice work, love the style so much!!
    Hope to see more

    All the best :)

  14. Calli says:

    These images are wonderful, they bring art and architecture in such a fascinating way!

  15. 陈宇强 says:


  16. Frank says:

    Very nice pictures indeed.
    I´m deeply impressed.
    I´d buy these as posters =)

  17. Liliane says:

    Very nice job !!! Congrats!!!

  18. Mariam says:

    Hi, didnt know wether to write this in english or i danish… well, english it is.
    I like your.. photographs/drawings/world/art? Whatever it is, in a box or not, it’s amazing. truly. hope to see more.
    - love from denmark.


  19. admin says:

    Danish would have worked fine, I live in Helsingborg. Thank you, there is more to come.

  20. Rafaela says:

    just in love. super!

  21. loic says:

    Amazing, real nice composition and illustration, congrats

  22. norca says:

    I love your work

  23. d. says:

    just want to see – great. keep on creating them. and good luck!!

  24. Dorica says:

    it really impressed me, very nice idea, selection of colors and quality making… i can imaging them printed in so many different formats :-) Congratulations!

  25. hd says:

    your pieces make me smirk like i’m being let in to a secret place

  26. clênio magalhães says:

    amazing! i posted a link for your job in my blog. good luck!

  27. Saki says:

    Dear Johan,

    your art is wonderful ;)

  28. colectivo futuro says:

    fantastic work! we really love it :-D

  29. admin says:

    Thanks for all the encouraging comments. Makes me really motivated

  30. karin says:

    bästa på länge. du är grym. jag är helt kär i dina bilder.

  31. admin says:

    Va kul att höra, tack så hjärtligastest :-)

  32. Jhenelle says:

    I really love your work. Im a student and I’m really interested in knowing how you make your pictures. Please? I’ll give you a cookie or..put you in my sketchbook for school :D

  33. admin says:

    Thanks! All I use is photoshop and a wacom tablet.

  34. Pkumar says:

    We are just a genius.

  35. Pkumar says:

    Sorry it means you are just genius………….Keep Rockin

  36. mercedes says:

    hi, i am impressed by the sensitivity of your work, I send a gallery of my works, you create a lot of personality. thanks for teaching it. a big greeting from barcelona.

  37. haoyi says:

    hi,your work is so good.ilike. i come from shanghai china .can i make friends with you.send mail to me..

  38. yun2kuk says:

    ^o^ i really love this style~~have a nice day~♡~

  39. Nina says:

    Hehe, have you been inspired by Samorost…?; )

  40. admin says:

    yup, thats one of my favorite games =)

  41. Cynthia says:

    Hey, been following this website for about a month now, and have to say your latest picture is my favourite one; the ‘nightclub’ scene is great. Love your work!

  42. admin says:

    Hey yourself. Thanks, that’s very nice of you to say!

  43. 郁霂 says:

    looooooooooooove it 中国

  44. 郁霂 says:

    loooooooooooooove it

  45. Antonia says:

    Hi Johan,

    your art is truly amazing. I do photo and drawing as well but I have never been able to find a way to connect both of my passions. the way you do is so inspiring. i was wondering how you do it? do you draw and then scan the images and then photoshop them into the photographs? just wondering because they really blend very well.
    all the best in your life and the art to come!

  46. admin says:

    Thanks! I use photoshop and a wacom tablet to create my pictures

  47. Chelsea says:

    This is so sweet and wonderful. It reminds me of how I used to imagine when I would play around as a child. Keep up the good work! You’re a true talent!

  48. john says:

    Amazing stuff. Will you ever make another game?

  49. admin says:

    Thanks! Not anytime soon, I dont have the time. But you never know….

  50. Thiago says:

    Loved your work, just posted it in my blog.

  51. nataly says:

    very beatiful) thank you)

  52. zbcgs says:

    I like it, very creative.

  53. Eleni says:

    Amazing work! Congratulations!!!
    Can’t stop looking at the images!

  54. D-A says:

    I love your work. I want to believe that these little cosmos really exist – and I want to be pulled along by a bus so that I have a fabulous view of everything! When will you have your prints available to buy?

  55. Lara Luís says:

    Hello, I’m studying Illustration and your work is an inspiration! Congratulations! I loved it!

  56. Baishayu says:

    Poetic, logical, relaxing game – graphics are finest: get on with the next one!

  57. admin says:

    Thanks, I will if I ever get the time.

  58. Tess says:

    Hej! Vad är det för storlekar på printsen?

  59. Anna says:

    There’s no words. I just feel aah, beautiful. You gave me peace of mind.

  60. admin says:

    Oj, tack!

  61. Annie says:

    Just wanted to say…
    I love bumping into websites like yours. You are incredibly talented. Love all the detail and sweetnes in your work. ;)

  62. Suzi says:

    Your works arouse in me a beautiful, positive associations with childhood. I believe that these little friends really are everywhere, and I hope that your work will remind many people about it. Thank you.

  63. Johan Thörnqvist | stromzufuhr says:

    [...] Welt des Traumes. Auf seiner Website sind noch viel mehr dieser Schätze zu sehen und bitte auch sein Profilfoto angucken. (via musslautsein) Tweet [...]

  64. blue says:

    Amazing, Creative! i love it so much !

  65. Nina says:

    Amazing! So positive. Oh just keep looking at them, can’t stop! They inspired me!!! )))

  66. Evoke Kim says:

    So amazing!! incredible inspiration!! I want to show Your
    works my web-magazine in korea. great day :)

  67. Steffe says:

    Wow. Häftigt. Hittade hit via en diskussion på flickr.

  68. Eugênio Apollo Duarte says:

    Estou jogando Missing Pricilla com Jader meu filho e gostaria de continuar o jogo. Está interrompido por seu email.

  69. Johan Thörnqvist插画作品 | Jackchen Design 1984 says:

    [...] 拍一张照片,在照片上叠加上你的想象。这听起来有点造梦师的味道!来自瑞典的插画家Johan Thörnqvist就想到了这样的创意,让定格下的一张张照片转瞬成为了一个个带着忧伤的故事。 [...]

  70. andrea posada says:

    ua!!! your work is so lovely!! … beautiful colors! :)
    greetings from Colombia!

  71. Natália Masiero says:


  72. apipatjeh says:

    i like your detail work

  73. Rubén Prado says:

    His art has a lot of imaginative tenderness.
    Su arte tiene mucha ternura imaginativa.

  74. Ken Holby says:

    About Pricilla Gone Missing….Loved the concepts, but what about the rest of the game?

  75. andrew says:

    wonderfully magic

  76. Tove says:

    Underbart! Kan man köpa tavlor utan att beställa från USA nånstans?

  77. admin says:

    Tackar så mkt! Just nu kan man bara köpa via USA, om du inte vill köpa direkt av mig dvs. Men det blir nog dyrare :)

  78. nj says:

    your works are awesome!!!

  79. HARRY BARRY says:

    Very beautiful work Johan, absoloutly stunning. I could eat it.

  80. wetcolor says:

    Your picture is full of imagination, I think you are a good writer.

  81. wetcolor says:

    Haha, some ordinary photos were made into a beautiful picture, besides the tool to help, I think inspiration comes from life meticulous observation, life is not lack of beauty, but the lack of eyes to find beauty

  82. wetcolor says:

    I will always pay attention to your work they are beautiful

  83. Jbran says:

    Your work comes from such a simple idea, but turns into such a complicated design that has me scanning the entire piece to see what you have created! I just simple love it! Keep doing it, because you do it so well!

  84. laq says:

    like so many others i’d love to know how you do this… just a hint? i’m not ‘artist’ like you.. but it would be fun to doodle this way!
    photoshop? vellum overlays? how??? please *on knees, looking pathetic*

  85. admin says:

    I use photoshop and a wacom tablet

  86. Marta says:

    I love your artwork. It is a simple idea but hard to achieve such awesome results. I have just bought a poster in inprnt but actually with the cost of the delivery to Europe and the extra payment in the customs office I was thinking if you are thinking in offering the service directly from Europe. That would be great news.

  87. Cindy says:

    You are fabulous!!!!!!!!
    I like your work:)
    do you have facebook?
    i want to follow you!

  88. sammyjayner says:

    I absolutely love your work and was just wondering what first inspired you to start this kind of mixed media?

  89. burak says:

    Hi! Loved your artwork, your imagination is cool!

  90. Mónica Sastre says:

    Fantásticos trabajos!!
    He escrito un artículo sobre tus obras en mi blog:

  91. Mauricio says:

    fantastic work

  92. Linda says:

    Love in first sight! hope to see more of your artwork! (especially the combination of photograph and drawing) :)

  93. Hirtenmaina says:

    I love your style, keep it up :D

  94. Albert says:

    Man!! you’ve impressed me!
    Have you ever thought about make an instagram account to show your illustrated photos??? With me you would have a follower!

  95. Liliane says:

    Great Work!!!!

  96. Carmen says:

    Hi Johan! I’m a fine arts student whos currently working on her Final College Proyect and you’re one of my inspirations and artistic point of reference. I would be very grateful if you could send me or show me any information of you as an artist (like a bio, or portfolio) and your art, which is fantastic. As I’m from Spain, I don´t understand swedish, but I manage pretty good with english :) Thank you very much and sorry if I bother you. Regards!

  97. inge says:

    love your work!

  98. Ale says:

    Hi Johan
    I’m curious: Are you available for custom illustration?
    I mean, I was watching your work and I thought: I would love an illustration yours using an specific picture as base. (Please don’t take it wrong, I value your artistic work, but perhaps you are open to petitions). Are there any possibility? How much would be that kind of work?
    Best wishes.

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