– Johan Thörnqvist


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  1. Suyín says:

    Me enkanta:.

  2. admin says:


  3. shiwa biwa says:

    Dude, great piece!
    i realy like your style

  4. – Johan Thörnqvist » Lampa « Nachtschicht says:

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  5. Untitled « says:

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  6. Filipe says:

    Hi Jonas,

    Where is the original lamp from ?

  7. Filipe says:

    Sorry JOHAN! :)

  8. yuki says:

    SO nice the picture is~ I like the lamp so much. The
    picture looks so warm……

  9. George says:

    My favourite one yet.

  10. Diana says:

    Your ideas ROCK!!!! I love this piece.

  11. pablo says:

    simplemente maravilloso/simply marvellous/thanks for this

  12. André Calixto says:

    Your work is really amazing, good job.
    André Calixto from Brazil

  13. gisanne says:

    everything is so awesome!!

  14. Javier Pérez says:

    I love your work!!! Really fantastic, continue doing things like this!…

    PS: I discovered your work on italian site Leave you the link. Regards!

  15. O'drey says:

    I discover your world, it’s fucking awesome!
    I love it.
    Thanx for my eyes and heart.

  16. admin says:

    Wow, thank you!

  17. Cornelia says:

    Det här är så fantastiskt och inspirerande att jag dör avundsjuksdöden!

  18. admin says:

    Haha, tack får man väll säga :) . O fina foton du tar!

  19. Anua says:

    Your drawings made me smile. :)

  20. Inspiroo says:

    Awesome work.
    Cieszymy się że mogliśmy wrzucić na Inspiroo :)
    Poste on

  21. Linnéa Byström-Hjalmarsson says:

    Hej Johan!

    Vad fin denna bild var! Jag hade gärna köpt ett exemplar! I vilken storlek finns dem?
    Kram Linnéa

  22. admin says:

    Hejsan :) .
    Va kul att du gillar den. Den finns att köpa här: (storlekarna är angivna i tum, men den största är typ 60 x 91 cm)

  23. isabel says:


    I would like to buy some of your pics but in “buy prints” they are not available
    can you help me with this?


  24. admin says:

    Sorry, Those are the only ones that are available at the moment.

  25. jantasie says:

    Hi! I’m a graphic art student and I love your work and I have a question about it. How do you make the illustration in the photographs? Do you first draw them, scan them and than you edit them in photoshop? Or do you draw them with a tablet? Thank you!

  26. admin says:

    Hi, glad to hear you like my stuff!

    I use photoshop and a wacom tablet

  27. Javier Fuentes says:

    Hi Johan!
    I’m Javier Fuentes from Canary Islands, Spain.
    I really love your work. Nice and very creative.
    I have an art blog (you can check it in the link below) and I want to ask your permission to post images of your work with some information about you.
    I’ll be very grateful.
    I’ll be waiting for your answer. Thanks a lot in advance!
    Kind regards from Tenerife.

  28. Patricia Scalco says:

    I just love your job… It’s amazing!

  29. Kjersti says:

    Fantastisk! I just love it. where can i buy prints?
    Greetings from norway :-)

  30. kevin says:

    so amazing!!Love it
    which city u live in Sweden? I have been Goteborg for 3 years for bachelor study

    Greetings from asian

  31. David Milligan-Croft says:

    I stumbled across your site on StumbleUpon. I’m glad I did. Your work is amazing. Thank you for sharing.

  32. windychou says:

    I love this! I put it on my pinterest board ART with your permission (the link is direct on your website + I mentionned your name ;) )

  33. JoyX says:

    Love your artwork, your drawings, your creativity, and your imagination!!!! Really love your drawing style!

  34. DaveAguileta says:

    Wow, amazing work!

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