– Johan Thörnqvist


I only used photos taken with my phone for these:


































Åka bil



Åka bil





Pictures from my phone

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  1. Linnea says:

    Åh du är så bra!

  2. admin says:

    Tack så mkt! :)

  3. Eva says:

    It’s amazing what you make out of simple phone-photos, and I love the combination of photo and illustration!

  4. admin says:

    Thank you so much :)

  5. Ir says:

    it’s beautiful!

  6. katarina says:

    Jag blir glad, varm och fascinerad av det du gör.

  7. admin says:

    Oj :) , jag tackar och bockar

  8. mucho mungo says:

    muy bueno e inspirador, me encanta encontrar gente que no se conforme solo con la realidad y trate de atravesarla!
    (here i try in english) very nice and inspiring, glad to find people who doesnt settle with reality and tries to break it through

  9. Marie says:

    j’adore, jolie série.

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  11. Stas says:

    Fantastic. Keep doing this.

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    [...] par riktigt snygga bilder finner ni på den här länken. Mobilbilder mixad med egenillustrerade [...]

  13. HBGare says:

    Underbart att se HBG men liten tvist :)

  14. Emily says:

    These are amazing. Very unique and fun. I would be a fan of you taking down the “before” shot. I think it takes away from the atmosphere and feeling of the art. It’s breaking the illusion.

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  16. Steph says:

    I LOVE these! They are so much fun and whimsically quirky.It is so cool to see the transformation from the before shot. The after shot shows us the magic that we didn’t see before. Really cool, thanks for sharing.

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  18. Trine says:

    Wow!! så utrolig kule bilder!

  19. Chris says:

    I would love to know how you made this and how you went about blending it in to look almost part of the photo. Please email me!

  20. gillian says:


  21. Katta says:

    wow, utrolig kult! =)

  22. Dani says:

    I just love the imagination packed in to these photos. Only a truly creative person could look at such ordinary things and see the potential for a fantastic story. I bet everyone thought of such things when they were children, this just shows how many people lose imagination, something almost crucial against everyday stress, as they start maturing.

  23. admin says:

    Wow, thanks :)

  24. elisa says:

    Beautiful!! Was this made digitally or by hand? Please tell me how you did this.

  25. admin says:

    I use photoshop and a wacom tablet :)

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  27. cyrus says:

    Brilliant stuff!

  28. àlaloutre says:

    I really like what you did here. The atmosphere you created with the pictures feats perfectly with your drawings!

  29. Ogotu says:

    Wow! These are fantastic! I really love the effects you used on the pictures and the drawings included are really neat!
    Would you mind if I used these for song covers?

  30. admin says:

    how and where would the covers be used?

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  32. lily says:

    hey i love what you did! id love to know what program did you use??

  33. Jason Webber says:

    This is beautifully original work and gets a smile on my face – something every design should do.

  34. leah says:

    WOW.just wow.beautiful

  35. vincent says:

    Wow, these are great! Can’t you make a tutorial or something to show how you do it?

  36. admin says:

    I use photoshop :)

  37. Rodrigo says:

    AMAZING!!! *_*

  38. insane membrane says:

    loved them … your illustrations are great and your ideas even better adore the one on the stairs :-)

  39. viictoriii says:

    love this idea so much ……awesome

  40. Neeraj Hatwal says:

    Ha ha its so funny , i love these pics.

  41. BlueLover says:

    Wonderful Artwork… Impressive! :D

  42. tomeb says:

    This is very very cool stuff man

  43. Vera says:

    SO GREAT! What an idea!!!! BRAVO!

  44. ayushi says:

    amazing editing.. which software did you use?

  45. Nia says:

    I looove this, is completely amazing! so creative, congratulations <3

  46. Eleni | My Paradissi says:

    Amazing pieces! Congratulations!

  47. Suraj says:

    what a lovely imagination…..:-)

  48. Dawn says:

    I think these are awesome, I don’t think the before shot should be removed, it really adds to the effect!

  49. Chloe says:

    You sir, are simply amazing.

  50. Jan Watford says:

    This is such a great idea. I love your work.

  51. Gerardo Estrada says:

    You have such a great imagination.

  52. Patricia says:

    Muy bonitoooo :O

  53. Ian Moody says:

    I want to steal your idea…..but I’ve lost my imagination. Keep going. Do you have a web site with more of your creations?

  54. chrissy says:

    love the imagination!

  55. varun says:

    Really amzng artworks………SO interersted to hear the effects u used……….help me to edit photos…..waiting to see more of your creations.

  56. chris says:

    this is some really amazing work. its so cool that you combine drawing and photography.

  57. Billie says:

    They are amazing! So creative :) I especially like the picture with the robot walking through the city.

  58. Kathleen Gick says:

    Delightful photos. I’d love to know how you did this! Great!

  59. Babs says:


  60. vivian says:

    i really love your works and would really like to learn the way you make these arts:)

  61. azeneth says:

    Incredible! :D I like it so much♥

  62. Ali says:

    I respect creative people & you are one of them sir. Keep on being creative

  63. Jamie Wu says:

    That’s so cool. Do you live somewhere in Europe, if you don’t mind me asking? :)

  64. lori says:

    this is beautiful/amazing. you have such a vivid imagination. don’t ever stop doing what you do.

  65. Ali says:

    awesome graphics, i love your concept.

  66. Software Testing says:

    Wow… Superbly done, love the imagination!

  67. Mauricio says:

    this is simply amazing :)

  68. Abel says:

    you’ve got some mind there!

  69. admin says:

    Thank you :) . Yup, I live in Sweden

  70. Eileentmar says:

    Its nice and intrusting i really like this :) good heaven cool.

  71. Jonathan says:

    Creative, simple and awsome :)

  72. Saurav says:

    Dude!!You have an awesome imagination….these are wonderful…I mean these should be shown in a museum.. =D

  73. Tori says:

    Wow! These are so neat, and it looks like you have a lot of fun creating them. I don’t think I could do this as well as you(not to mention the fact that I couldn’t get your style right), but I want to try this. Looks awesome!

  74. Zey says:

    OMG i loved your work.I always wanted to know how to make those :) information given would be appreciated ! lol
    Keep it up,

  75. admin says:

    I used Photoshop and a wacom tablet to make these :) .

  76. Gopi says:

    These are really good… your perspective is really fun.. keep it going.. will share this with my friends too.. Cheers!!

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  78. VinPro Elegance says:

    Amazing!so creative and original!Thanks for sharing.

  79. BARBARA says:

    that’s very nice!! cool!! who do you do that?

  80. Jane anon says:

    Really creative!!

  81. A guy says:

    Can you teach me how to do this?

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  83. tngkng says:

    well done, like it so much. keep updating pls.. love to see more

  84. Ricardo says:

    Que chido foto hermano! saludos desde Mexico :D

  85. Mr Thoughtful says:

    Pretty Bad Ass. I can dig it eh, you’re very creative.

  86. Tyler says:

    Do you have these prints available for purchase? I would love to print them and hang them in my office as a daily pick me up!

  87. Rasmus "KaeraNeko" says:

    Wow, it’s awesome and really inspiring, too!

    Reminds me a bit of Jan Lööf’s drawings. :)

    Keep up the good work, fellow Swede. :3

  88. admin says:

    Jan Lööf är grym! :)

  89. sharai says:


  90. Ben says:

    I love the imagination you put into your edited photos. The man in the bathtub made me laugh. Have you ever considered animating your images or making a story book? I think your onto something with your work. Keep at it and thanks for sharing.

  91. V0ltZ says:

    amazing work !!!

  92. ana says:

    that’s so perfect :o . , m glad to know that there are people with that kind of imagination and ideas ! go ahead , good luck =)

  93. Defne says:

    Wow these are amazing :)

  94. Sammi says:

    This is so creative I love it!

  95. Eric says:

    Very creative. Good work. How do you do it?

  96. Shaz says:

    what a fantastic imagination you have!!

  97. Michelle says:

    These are AMAZING :D .

  98. Ed says:

    Great pictures…thanks!

  99. federico says:

    really nice art! greetings, johan

  100. filipa sampaio says:

    Love your work. Which program did you use to do that?

  101. Brittney says:

    How did you do that!?

  102. AgentJackSeven says:

    Beautiful and amazing… I love unusual art pieces like these.

  103. Demitri says:

    I absolutely love your work, marvelous and inspiring. Really something special. I had but one critique of your photos, in the pic with guy in the window and the mom and child hiding, shouldn’t his reflection from the sun be also on the wall? Maybe I’m looking to hard, just wondering! :) keep up the work

  104. Heidi says:

    Excellent concept!

  105. steven d. taylor says:

    How cool is this?! BRAVO! Makes me smile! :-)

  106. aniel says:

    wow! i think this cost a lot of time, great work!

  107. Louise says:

    Love it! Great drawings and edditing! :D


  108. jaimie says:

    How do I buy the beer one?

  109. Amol says:

    Awesome…..great imagination. :)

  110. Soul_O_Nice says:

    Very interesting!

  111. Christian says:

    awesome man.

  112. Alexander Ivanov says:

    Great color balance and illustrations!

  113. Camaleoni says:

    I just LOVED THIS! you’re awesome! :) genius idea perfectly executed! Thanks for sharing these!

  114. Hna says:

    Asfint! Och roligt.

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  116. Joy says:

    It’s cute,and makes me miss Sweden again. I will show ur website to my friends, they must love your picture.

  117. Maria says:

    Inspirerande =) Kul idéer.

  118. kevin says:

    Perfect wallpaper for me, thanks for your brilliant works

  119. mahomed shaquil says:

    This is the way that an architect think.I recomend you study architecture.Congratulations for your work.

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  121. Emily says:

    i love how creative the images are and how they fit in to their settings in different interesting ways.

  122. Marcus says:

    Fantastiskt mysiga bilder! Blåste bort mitt dåliga morgonhumör och klistrade fast ett leende istället. Tack! :)

  123. admin says:

    Tack själv!

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  125. me says:

    your work is so obviously amazing i dont even need to say it.

  126. samantha fox says:

    I love your work, you are so creative. I hope you are a designer or atleast in advertising?

  127. Tate McKay says:

    Woah, this is amazing! But im not sure of how you did this. There must be a type of photo shop involved?

  128. Brad says:

    Haha! Fantastic! I love imagination which has been recorded….. I especially like the last one. Amazing work!

  129. Zach says:

    How do you edit your photos and illustrate on them? What software do you use?

  130. Phone pictures :D « adelinca. says:

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  131. admin says:

    I use photoshop

  132. Lisa Frideborg Lloyd says:

    Feel-good art. :) Keep up the great work!

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  134. tracy antoine says:

    creatve and fun, couldnt ask for more

  135. Emily Jo says:

    Where were the original photos taken?? They look SO familiar!!

  136. Basel Yasser says:

    I absolutely love your work. I’ve literally spent the past 45 minutes or so just gazing at it. I love that washed out, retro effect you have on all your pictures. Would you mind me asking how you achieved that in Photoshop?

  137. admin says:

    The photos are taken in Helsingborg, Sweden :)

  138. Damien Byrnes says:

    Love these pics,would love to be as good as you one day!
    Let me know what you think! :)

  139. Laura McNally says:

    Love this idea! Completely amazing!

  140. Seul says:

    Yey, someone smart that knows how to create art just as kids scramble on a normal book images :)

  141. cellie says:

    wow! fantastic :D
    you have a really creative mind <3

  142. mac says:

    you are a true artist. it made me happy to see this

  143. Bonita says:

    really amazing! you make me speechless. I don’t know what to say. You are very talented and imaginative! Love it!

  144. Sheridan Voysey says:

    Just tweeted this page. What wonderful artwork – full of whimsy and play.

  145. Vaisakh says:

    Lovely and beautiful. Admire the creativity :)

  146. rosie says:

    Terrific imagination and technique!

  147. vish says:

    Loving your creativity!!! :)

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  149. Casey says:

    Wow! These are great!! Very creative!

  150. Onnesha says:

    How do you create these?
    I love them! :D

  151. ItsMe says:

    Wow awesome i love this kind of Art great Job God Bless

  152. Fredrik says:

    Väldigt kreativa och snygga, bilder!

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  154. Abd elmadjid dz says:

    nice work !!

  155. GirlFromNK says: look great! Good Job!!! I am Impress!

  156. fictionisreal says:

    WOW the creativity. thanks for being an inspiration. Love the before and after shots.

  157. weezbo says:

    Love them. Great work.

  158. Phoebe says:

    It is amazing what you can create using simple pictures and drawings. The end result is very creative. Did you make these on photoshop?

  159. nynx says:

    det ær jættebra! :3

  160. kora says:

    it’s soo amazing… real life+drawings=beautiful paintings :)

  161. Crimson says:

    that is totes cool

  162. Crimson says:


  163. Profe says:

    I liked it!, how you did it? photoshop?

  164. Sneha says:

    Simply beautiful. I always visualised parallel universes in my mind when I took everyday pictures. I always thought I should sketch those parallel universes but never actually did. Awesome work, you just inspired me :)

  165. Balaji says:

    Very imaginative and enjoyable.

  166. zwenkwiel says:

    it’s weird how well the illustrations fit into the pictures, you’d think they’d stand out more being different but it all looks so natural

  167. Dexter says:

    I’m loving the mix. Also, these are images from your phone only?

  168. Sabine says:

    Wow, these are so cool. Really inspired by your drawings. Wish I could draw like you.

  169. wolfgang says:

    Great Idea and Art Work

  170. Malachite says:

    this is artistic! i love it <3

  171. Ellie says:

    Amazing, absolutely amazing!

  172. Kimberley says:

    these are amazing, this make me really want to get back into drawing.

  173. Elle says:

    Really Cool!!!!! awesome imagination!

  174. Kat says:

    Fantastic imagination, do they come as prints for the wall???

  175. spa says:

    hello. can you tell us what tools did you use? digital or whatever.

  176. mario says:

    Awesome pics!!

  177. says:

    cool way to add artistic touch to your cellphone photos.

  178. Sarah says:

    Wow you’re super talented :)

  179. Jay says:

    Sooperb bro! Love the way they blend.

  180. hannahriga says:

    Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

  181. shebeer says:

    WOW..I like all the pictures..You have such a great talent..keep it up <3

  182. Bret Hamilton says:

    I want to know the story, now. Here’s something I made with my phone camera.

  183. Nelly says:


  184. Ruvil says:

    great work really incredible…I would like to know how you transform the pic into an art…I would like to learn it…hope you teach me…plz do mail me

  185. Adam Baxter says:

    These, Are fucking mint! Best I have seen in a long time, keep it up!

  186. Giselle Trejo says:

    Im and artist n I love the way they way this picture look

  187. Calli says:

    What an amazing way to see the world

  188. Oumaima says:


  189. davis says:

    Awesome work and creativity!!!

  190. Roselle says:

    You’re amazing. You have great opportunities ahead of you :)

  191. Roohul Islam says:

    Outstanding! I loved your work!

  192. Timler says:

    Wild and inspiring!

  193. Colette says:

    LOVE THESE! They’re Amazing!!!

  194. Dorria says:

    How Fun! Great imagination :)

  195. Mary says:

    Wow!!! Amazing idea! :)

  196. Madeline says:

    you have quite a lovely imagination, and a wonderful skill at blending photography and illustration

  197. gMONTEALEGRE says:

    so creative and cute :)

  198. Fay TR says:

    This is amazing!

  199. Susanne says:

    Great idea, and great pictures!

  200. trupti says:

    this is simply amazing :)

  201. Rebecca says:


  202. Natasha says:


    Just stumbled upon this! Still stunned and amazed on the things you can do with the simplicity in each picture of yours. Just wanted to say, keep this great work coming, and you inspire me! :)

    Natasha :)

  203. Jeff Matson says:

    These are absolutely incredible. Melding the simply phone photos with beautiful artwork is incredible. Keep up the good work.

  204. yeahbah!!! says:

    i wanna learn to do them@!!!!!

  205. Mrunal says:


  206. conrad says:

    I admire your drawings and enjoy looking at them,,, unique! details are great…

  207. shannon says:

    i really love all your work! i love the imagination and how you take a simple, not exactly impressive photo of everyday things and just bring them back to life. the imagination in your work is great and the illustration and manipulation of the photo is so effective. i just love it!! :)

  208. Cecilia says:

    Loved it!! Awesome work, very creative, love your style!!!

  209. Catherine says:

    Brilliant!! Absolutely love your work. :D

  210. JLA says:

    I can’t believe it! I had this recurring dream as a child. The picture of the two hiding in the stairwell from the large person looking in the window. That picture sums up that dream in an single image. That’s amazing.

  211. Leah says:

    Glorious use of imagination

  212. Paola says:

    Ciao Johan, just stumbled upon your page, and I have to tell you: Don’t stop!Go Ahead!Bravo bravo bravo, Ciao from Italy

  213. Dave says:


  214. gabi says:

    cool, it’s so cute~!!!

  215. Alem says:

    Sir, I wont tell you how much I like them, I’ll just tell you that you are an Artist. :)

    In Christ,

  216. Michael says:

    That is amazing, how do you make those pictures?

  217. Nathan Mena says:

    Damn that’s sick

  218. Annika says:

    Wow! Kom in på den här sidan av en slump men fan va grym du är! Älskar hur du tar något enkelt och skapar något så fantastiskt kreativt. Om du ser sånt här lite här och var i din vardag måste du du ha ett väldigt intressant liv. Tack för att du delar med dig :)

  219. Anahi says:

    So cool and creative!

  220. The Leslieville Flea says:

    bloody brilliant, true proof of an imagination!

  221. Waleed Barkasyieh says:

    cool and creative indeed

  222. Zoe says:

    this is the coolest thing omg

  223. joe says:

    absolutely fucking brilliant

  224. McKayla says:

    Freaking amazing!

  225. TryAngela says:

    I love what you did with a regular photo…I am interested in knowing how you made a plain photo into amazing art. Awesome!

  226. Carl - Web Courses Bangkok says:

    Absolutely love this! The images are cute, interesting and I can feel the atmosphere. The lighting is fantastic.

  227. Stephanie says:

    Keep up your art. It’s wonderful to draw that realistic and then draw cartoon(s) on them. If your backgrounds were unrealistic, this concept wouldn’t work. Thank you for sharing!

  228. Dinesh says:

    Amazing.. Can you please help us know which app produces such amazing results?

  229. Ivan says:

    Really great work, very nice this mix of photo & illustration!

  230. rachel says:

    Brilliant! I love it!

  231. Nilo Martins says:


  232. kristen says:

    nice one you are very artistic.. ^_^

  233. Maura says:

    I absolutely love this.

  234. Singapore Creative Advertising says:

    Wow! I love the idea! Mixing media in one great concept or subject makes the outcome unique and with a spikes of drama effects.

  235. Phoject says:

    Wow this is cool! How do you add these cartoons? This is unique and I like your creativity. Keep up with these photos, they are fantastic :)

  236. eyamuna says:

    so damn cool…!!

  237. abbey says:

    i love how you’ve created a story in those photos.

  238. Lana says:

    I loved it .this amazing art should be printed and shown to the queen

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